Teacher Professional Development Program: 

An effective teacher today, needs to be armed with Knowledge across Content, Pedagogy, and Technology. Teachers thus need support in all areas - Subject Domain Enhancement, Understanding of Pedagogic Theories & Practice, and, the use of Technology as an enabler and multiplier. All these elements dovetail into each other and are critical to a teacher's professional growth.

Subject Domain Enhancement

The premise for all training programs in schools is that teachers need to be trained only in pedagogic theory and classroom strategy. In reality, though, most teachers need to augment their subject domain knowledge and have nowhere to go and no one to ask for support.

Pedagogy and Classroom Practices

All B.Ed qualified teachers have studied Psychology and Child Development, yet they find it difficult to cope in a classroom environment. The challenge that teachers face today is to implement pedagogic practices on a daily basis.

Technology for Teachers

Let's go beyond Interactive boards and USB drives. Teachers can now leverage Technology to connect with peers, mentors, and students across geographies to share resources and adopt global best practices in gathering resources, designing individualised assessments and using data points to manage the teaching-learning process far more efficiently.

Technology today can help teachers take control of their Professional development and also create their own Professional Learning Network.

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